DW-Rise of the Dragon Lords

Ambush of Janos
Ambushing Janos, as he goes out on one of his regular hunting trips.

Lur, decides interrupt two military spies in the Moss & Ivy, playing dice. While trying to cheat better then the spies, he gets caught. At the request of the bartender, Baldric, they take the scuffle outside. Taunting ensues, and Lur ends the fight with a swift kick to the face. Walking back in, Baldric won’t give Lur a drink, and tells him to go find another bar, so he does. Upon entering the Green Dragon, the tavern goes quiet. Challenges ensue, and Lur not willing to back down from a fight, gleefully steps outside. A few moments later, Lur brushes off some dust, and dabs off some blood (mostly his opponents), and steps inside, where the bartender decides its in his best interest, to give Lur the beer he wants.

While Lur is successfully distracting all the military, Niphon, sneaks in and poisons the wine and lunch supplies for Janos’ hunting group the next day.

The ambush is set, Mira, has transformed into a majestic 10 point buck, waiting near a pond in the forest. Niphon has setup a trap in the middle of the hunting trail, Caul Mardius and Lur are positioned and ready for a pincer attack. As Janos and his lieutenants, noisily approach, Lur and Caul Mardius, “forget” the ambush plans, and just charge. With a couple of swings of Lur’s two handed Axe, Caul Mardius’ sword, and a couple of thrown daggers from Niphon, one lieutenant goes down, and the other is seriously injured. Caul Mardius, swings his maul and crushes the legs of the remaining lieutenant, hobbling him and leaving him screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, Mira turns into a wasp, and get’s a near by swarm of nearby wasps to sting and attack Janos. Janos makes a bee line for the water to rid him self of the annoying pests. As the lieutenants go down, Mira calls on the Elementals of Water to hold Janos in place for questioning. Seeing Mira, the strain etched on Mir’s face as she wrestles with will of the Elementals, Niphon calls for aid from the regalia tucked in his pack. He gets a sense of approval, as he watches the strain ease a bit from Mira’s visage. Fog envelopes the area, and Geysers burst forth juggling Janos high above the ground, allowing for a few questions. As the Janos refuses to give any useful information, the frustration and anger in Mira, is reflected in the chilling of air, erratic and more powerful geysers.

Janos, not out of easy reach, of the others starts some mumbling and gesturing, then is surrounded by white and red sphere and starts descending slowly to the ground. A thrown dagger from Niphon skitters of Janos, Caul Mardius takes up a defensive position. As Janos’s feet touch the ground the swirl of red and white energy shrinks and encloses him in glowing layer of power. Lur swings in for an attack, which Janos shrugs off, and strikes back, only to have Caul Mardius step in and take the blow for Lur. Janos switches focus to Niphon, demanding that he hands over the regalia, “Give it to me, and I will let you live”. Liking none of this Niphon turns and starts to flee. Janos with a few words of power, starts to cause the ground Niphon is fleeing on to bubble and seep, as it turns into a thick sticky mud. Niphon slowly descending struggles to keep moving at a crawling pace. Janos calmly walks over the top writhing muddy mess as if it were firm ground. With the shout of impending doom, Lur makes a mighty downward leap, battle axe first at Janos. Janos swivels, braces for impact sword tip first, as the axe blade descends through his collar bone, eventually stopping at his navel. Lur tumbles to the ground, a smile on his face, and a sword protruding from his chest.

Lur opens his eyes to see a middle aged halfling woman with a stern yet somewhat pleasant smile of Celandine, hostess of halfling souls. Lur looks from Celandine’s gaze to the bridge game in progress and the other three halfling’s sipping tea. Thinking quickly, Lur offers Celandine a bargain, “Let Lur back into the world, and he will spread the glory of tea, to the uncivilized.” Celandine, looks Lur up and down, raises and an eye brow, then nods, “I accept, no get going, I think it is my turn to deal.”

Meanwhile, Caul Mardius, Niphon and Mira question the remaining hobbled Lieutenant, They learn that the Verakai military forces are planning a raid on rebel camp in valley north east of Orton. Bringing back the bones and head of Janos, the group meets up with Baldric, who tells them to hide out with Greta, until things quiet down.

Port of Purdue

The adventures restock provisions, and taking a flyer for hired swords head to Botha, on the perimeter of Duke Segmund Verakai’s lands.

The adventure begins
Protecting the Caravan

The heroes are gathered protecting a caravan when it is attacked by brigands. They hold them off, and chase them down, learning of plot in the north, they decide to head that way after finishing the protection duty.


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